We realize that intentially making the lifestyle changes to meet your health, fitness, social, and mental health goals have become overwhelming, to say the least. It is our mission to simplify wellness by making wellness more easily accessible and attainable. Current and future programming, will be the highlighted in our newsletter, so be sure to sign up so that you don’t miss out!

Wellness: The state of being in good health especially as an actively pursued goal.

At Phoenix Physical Therapy & Wellness, we understand that wellness is an ongoing, ever-evolving, dynamic process of change and growth. Being well is more than being free from disease or illness. Wellness takes into account a person’s physical, mental, and social well-being. We currently offer wellness services that can help you reach your personal wellness goals.

FLEX Assisted Stretching

Incorporating a dedicated stretch program into your wellness routine is extremely beneficial to everyone. Improving or maintaining flexibility helps you move better by decreasing pain and tension, and easing joint pain and soreness.

You have the option to schedule your FLEX stretch program as a one on one session to focus on specific areas of concern, or in a small group to improve flexibility in generalized areas. For more information, call 919-323-8888 or set up a a sessions that best suites you.

Massage Therapy

With so many benefits to our overall well-being, we knew that massage would be the perfect compliment to physical therapy. We offer both relaxation massages for stress reduction, and therapeutic massage to address specific muscular and joint pain and limitations.

Benefits of Massage:

• Reducing stress and increasing relaxation
• Reducing pain, muscle soreness, and tension
• Improved circulation, energy and alertness
• Lowered heart rate and blood pressure
• Improve  immune function.

More Wellness Programs

Throughout the year, Phoenix Physical Therapy & Wellness offers a host of wellness programs for the community. If there are any programs or events you would like to see us host, please feel free to let us know! Meanwhile, stay connected by signing up for our newsletter!


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